Occupy What?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Occupy Wall Street by now. Here’s some general information. We’ll be following up in the next day or so with some thoughtful analysis and suggestions, but for now, here are some resources.

UPDATE: More links added.

The bottom line: The Occupation movement is still essentially just defined by people who are fed up with a system that favors the super-rich 1% while burdening the working poor and middle class. There are many interests involved, including some anti-war, some anti-capital punishment, some labor union rights, and many other groups. While some sub-groups may be anti-capitalist, the overall message and suggested demands so far do not call for anything remotely resembling the destruction of capitalism.

Keep in mind that no organization truly represents the “leader” of the Occupation. This is by design a leaderless and therefore truly democratic process.

Article by Claire

Claire grew up in New York City, experiencing first-hand the realities of working-class inner-city life. She graduated from Queens College with a Magna Cum Laude BA in Political Science, and has received the Saul Weprin Memorial Scholarship for commitment to public service. Over the past few years, Claire has managed a campaign for state legislature, worked on participant analysis for a political social media platform, organized state-wide advocacy campaigns, developed online outreach strategy for a candidate for office in Ohio, and launched Workhorse Politics. She has pursued public service through non-profit participation (such as in the American Red Cross) and by attending the Women's Campaign School at Yale. This year she started law school at Creighton University thanks to a full merit scholarship. Claire has ever-expanding training and experience in political strategy, theory, and technology and is eager to put this know-how to good use.
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